11.08.11 - Christmas Gifts Under Php100

Live TV guesting for News to Go: Christmas gift ideas under $2.00 for family and friends.

All items by Saizen.

Tips (translated script):

- Stick to a Christmas gift budget. Budget how much you’re willing to spend on each gift and be sure to stick to it.

- Plan and create a list with the names and budget for each gift.

- Buy your gifts early or online.

- Consider what you know about your gift recipient’s personality. If in doubt, I suggest buying a gift card.

What i wore:

Depaige dress

Freeway cardigan

Michael Kors pumps

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09.13.11 - Choosing Your Outdoor Christmas Decorations

LIVE TV guesting - GMA 7 Unang Hirit with host Monica Verralo along Gilmore near New Manila

Easy tips (translated script):

- Plan. Finalize your preferred motif.

- List down all the items that you want/need before you shop to avoid overspending.

- Create a budget. Be sure to stay within your means. Always remember that outdoor decorations are more expensive that indoor decorations.

- To save more money, I suggest you shop locally or shop online.

- Before buying, make sure that wires, extension cords, bulbs are made and have been rated for outdoor use. DO NO MAKE ASSUMPTIONS.

- Hire a professional.

What I Wore:

Pink Manila chiffon bluse

Cotton On graphic skirt

Bayo necklace

Steve Madden pumps

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I do not own this video. All rights belong to GMA 7 Network